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OPAL Fuels is a fully integrated, nationwide leader in the production and distribution of low-carbon intensity renewable natural gas (RNG). Our vertical waste-to-energy model combines the upstream production and downstream marketing and distribution of RNG, delivering a scalable, low-cost solution to decarbonize heavy-duty transportation and other industrial markets. We produce our RNG by capturing harmful methane emissions at their source, purifying them, and then using that energy to replace diesel and other high carbon intensity fossil fuels.

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Today, we are solving the two most critical issues causing global climate change:

1 Fugitive Methane Emissions

The United Nations Environment Programme has identified harmful fugitive methane emissions as one of the largest causes of global climate change. We address this directly TODAY by efficiently capturing harmful methane emissions from their source at landfills and dairy farms, and converting them into clean, renewable natural gas (RNG).

2 Transportation Associated Emissions

Through burning of diesel fuel, the Class 8 trucking industry is one of the most significant contributors to harmful greenhouse gas emissions. We address this directly TODAY with a real-world, cost-effective solution by transitioning heavy-duty fleets from diesel to clean, safe RNG fuel, reducing GHG emissions while saving them money.

How we are helping customers achieve NET-ZERO NOW

Simplicity in Transition

Bringing minimal change to fleet operations, with a cost substantially less than diesel

Over 6000

Sustainability Through RNG

Delivering renewable fuel to achieve GHG reduction targets

Socially-Responsible Profitability

Transforming waste into a resource generating revenue for partners

Partner with OPAL Fuels to reach NET-ZERO NOW.
We can significantly accelerate the achievement of your carbon-reduction goals.

OPAL Fuels is an emerging leader in the production and distribution of RNG, a proven low carbon fuel with a decades-long track record of results that has the power to rapidly decarbonize the transportation industry. From the renewable fuels of today to the sustainable green technologies of the future, expect OPAL Fuels to deliver cleaner fuel, bolder innovation and bigger thinking.

For Fleet Operators

Providing RNG at fueling stations across the United States, at a cost up to 50% less than diesel.

RNG fuel supply and fueling infrastructure

For RNG Producers

Offering landfills and dairy farms on-site RNG solutions or distribution of existing fuel production

RNG project development and marketing

Hydrogen from RNG

We are committed to building hydrogen fueling stations today to help prepare our customers’ fleets for the future.

New Uses for RNG

Utilities and other industrial users are discovering the unlimited opportunities of RNG.

By the numbers

$$ Lower cost per gallon than diesel

RNG saves money – costing as much as 50% less per gallon than diesel.

100% Reduction

RNG results in a 100% Scope 1 emission reduction from diesel.

125 – 150 gallon equivalent

The average dairy cow produces 125 to 150 diesel gallon equivalent of RNG per year.

7k / 40k CO2 reduction

A transportation site using 1 million GGE of landfill RNG can keep more than 7k metric tons of harmful CO2 from escaping into the atmosphere each year, or more than 40k metric tons by using dairy farm RNG

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