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OPAL Fuels has a proven track record of successfully delivering RNG to the transportation marketplace. With our rapidly expanding network of RNG stations and fuel customers, we are the leaders in bringing your product to market.

We manage all phases, from RNG project development, plant design, engineer, construction, through operations and optimization.

Landfill Owners

OPAL Fuels has more than 15 years of experience working together with landfill owners to deliver highly successful projects, with a proven track record of generating the maximum amount of RNG from your landfill.

Dairy Owners

The OPAL Fuels team has the knowledge and expertise to design and build on-site methane capture facilities, converting it to clean, safe, profitable RNG.

RNG Producer Partnerships

If you are a landfill or dairy owner that is currently producing RNG, considering a production facility, or just looking to learn more, we are happy to share our experience, and explore partnership opportunities.

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As a proven industry leader, OPAL Fuels can offer:

Extensive Experience

Hundreds of thousands of hours of operational success

Unparalleled Industry Knowledge

Extensive knowledge of the U.S. energy market, tax credits, and regulatory incentives

Proven Technologies

Always at the forefront of cutting edge alternative fuel technology

Deep Management Strength

The top RNG experts in the industry from top to bottom, with over 300 years of collective experience

True Partnership

Our consultative approach offers custom-tailored solutions to your unique needs

Committment to Your Success

Access to project financing, a robust distribution network, and growing market demand

Value & Support

Competitive long-term pricing agreements and frictionless sales support


Flexible and competitive off-take agreements

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