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OPAL Fuels is proud to have completed over 350 fueling station projects, as well as renewable natural gas landfill and dairy projects nationwide. Our success is built on a foundation of problem solving, collaborative partnerships with our clients and experienced team members who share a deep understanding of operations, finance and development to drive sustainable performance.


Paloma Dairy – Gila Bend, AZ

Our successful partnership with Paloma Dairy resulted in the production of over 500 dekatherms of renewable natural gas per day – all of which would have been previously released into the air as harmful fugitive methane emissions.

“The decision was easy. We saw a great environmental and economic opportunity in the management of our manure and emissions. The key was finding a partner that could execute and unlock the potential value. We believe we found that partner with [OPAL Fuels] and we look forward to working with them on this most exciting project.”
-Robert Van Hofwegen Sr., Owner

If you are a landfill owner, dairy owner, or if you operate a fleet of Class 8 vehicles, contact us to learn how you can benefit from Renewable Natural Gas.

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