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OPAL Fuels is a fully integrated, nationwide leader in the production and distribution of low-carbon intensity renewable natural gas (RNG). Our vertical waste-to-energy model combines the upstream production and downstream marketing and distribution of RNG, delivering a scalable, low-cost solution to decarbonize heavy-duty transportation and other industrial markets. We produce our RNG by capturing harmful methane emissions at their source, purifying them, and then using that energy to replace diesel and other high carbon intensity fossil fuels.

Our team is led by high-performance experts with over 20 years of experience in the energy and transportation markets. We drive best-in-class operational results for all our stakeholders, maximizing the value of RNG resources for our feedstock hosts and partners, providing reliable, cost-effective decarbonization solutions for our customers, and delivering superior returns on invested capital for our investors. Our strong reputation from years of proven results has earned us a loyal customer base and strong partnerships across the industry.

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Our consultative approach offers custom-tailored solutions to your unique needs

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The leading vertically integrated RNG provider with experts across finance, transportation, regulation and logistics

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One of the largest suppliers of RNG in the country with over 200 million gallons over the next 5 years

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Virtual real-time monitoring proactively addresses any issues, with 24-hour customer service

Over 350 Facilities Nationwide

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We believe there’s no time to waste – or wait – transitioning to low-carbon transportation. We welcome all companies, partners, and policy makers looking to make clean fuel possible today.

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