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OPAL Fuels brings together Fortistar Methane Group, Fortistar RNG, and TruStar Energy to create a vertically integrated renewable fuels platform – capturing harmful methane emissions at their source, cleaning them into a usable fuel and delivering them to fleet customers for a complete end-to-end solution.

OPAL Fuels is the trusted leader in delivering the renewable fuel solutions desperately needed to address sustainability, and to fuel vehicles for a cleaner today and tomorrow. From the renewable fuels of today to the sustainable green technologies of the future, expect OPAL Fuels to deliver cleaner fuel, bolder innovation, and bigger thinking.

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True Partners

Our consultative approach offers custom-tailored solutions to your unique needs

Expertise & Experience

The leading vertically integrated RNG provider with experts across finance, transportation, regulation and logistics

National Scale

One of the largest suppliers of RNG in the country with over 200 million gallons over the next 5 years

Unmatched Service

Virtual real-time monitoring proactively addresses any issues, with 24-hour customer service

OPAL Fuels Executive Team

Adam Comora Adam Comora Co-Chief Executive Officer
Jon Maurer Co-Chief Executive Officer
Ann Anthony Chief Financial Officer
Anthony Falbo Chief Operating Officer
Scott Edelbach Scott Edelbach Executive Vice President
Dave Unger Executive Vice President
John Coghlin General Counsel
Hugh Donnell Senior Vice President

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We believe there’s no time to waste – or wait – transitioning to low-carbon transportation. We welcome all companies, partners, and policy makers looking to make clean fuel possible today.

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