Renewable Natural Gas

Renewable Natural Gas
The NET-ZERO Fuel Option
At A Lower Cost Than Diesel

What is Renewable Natural Gas?

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is chemically identical to the natural gas Americans use to cook with, heat homes and fuel natural gas engines, with two huge differences: it’s not a fossil fuel and it’s not pumped from the ground. We capture harmful methane emissions at their source, cleaning them into a usable fuel and delivering them to fleet customers for a complete end-to-end solution.

SEAMLESS TRANSITION Minimal change to fleet operations
OPERATING PERFORMANCE – Comparable to diesel
CLEANER – Dramatic emission reductions
LOWER COST – Significantly lower cost than diesel

Renewable Natural Gas At a Glance


We capture harmful methane emissions on-site that would have otherwise been released into the atmosphere, or required to be burned off.


We clean and repurpose methane emissions at on-site processing facilities, transforming them into clean, safe, renewable natural gas fuel.


We inject renewable natural gas (RNG) into local pipelines, and “pull it out” at heavy-duty truck fueling stations located across the United States.


We can help provide Class 8 fleets with RNG fuel nationwide.

Over 6000

We help fleets join the 60,000 Class 8 trucks that currently run on RNG, and travel over 4 billion miles a year, all at a significantly lower cost than diesel.

What are the benefits?

RNG effectively reduces methane and transportation emissions, solving the two most critical greenhouse gas issues causing climate change today (according to United Nations Environment Programme).

Fugitive Methane EmissionsWe address this directly TODAY by efficiently capturing harmful methane emissions from the source at landfills and dairy farms, and converting it into clean, renewable natural gas.

Transporation Associated EmissionsThrough burning of diesel fuel, the Class 8 trucking industry is one of the most significant contributors to harmful greenhouse gas emissions. We address this directly TODAY with a real-world, cost-effective solution by transitioning heavy-duty fleets from diesel to clean, safe RNG fuel, reducing greenhouse gas emissions AND saving money.

Renewable Natural Gas at a Glance

Capture Methane from Landfills Capture Methane from Farms

Methane emissions are captured on-site at landfills and livestock farms before they are released into the atmosphere or are required to be burned off

Clean and Process Emissions

Emissions are cleaned, and repurposed at (on-site) processing facilities

Distribute RNG Fuel

OPAL Fuels distributes RNG fuel for Class 8 fleets nationwide

Trucks run on Natural Gas

Over 60,000 Class 8 trucks run on natural gas and travel over 4 billion miles a year


State and federal regulations provide significant carbon incentives to adopt RNG in Class 8 transportation, further reducing the cost of RNG (in states like California).

OPAL Fuels manages all government incentives, costs, environmental credits, and incentives which are passed on to customers through lower fuel costs – an illustrative cost comparison below including those incentives.


For a single truck driving 100,000 miles a year, total emissions from well to wheel can be reduced up to 99%.

Opal rNG Graph

OPAL Fuels Offerings

For Fleet Operators

We can provide Class 8 fleet with RNG fueling solutions, nationwide. At a cost significantly lower than diesel

RNG fuel supply and fueling infrastructure

For RNG Producers

We can provide landfills and dairy farms with on-site RNG solutions, or distribution of existing fuel production

RNG project development and marketing