Adam Comora OPAL Fuels RNG CEO

Adam Comora

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Adam Comora is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of OPAL Fuels and has co-led the company since it was formed in December 2020. From February 2011 until January 1, 2022, Mr. Comora was with Fortistar, a privately-owned investment firm that provides capital to build, grow and manage companies that address complex sustainability challenges, where among other positions he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of TruStar Energy (now the fuel station services segment of OPAL Fuels).

Prior to joining Fortistar, Mr. Comora was a partner at EnTrust Capital, an asset management firm based in New York City, where he was an integral part of the investment team managing long only equities, a long/short strategy, and a fund of funds.
Prior to EnTrust, Mr. Comora was an Analyst and Associate at JP Morgan Investment Bank from 1994 to 1998.