OPAL Fuels LLC Announces Investment in Indiana RNG Facility with One of the Lowest Carbon Intensity Scores in the Industry

Facility will produce low-cost fuel while dramatically limiting emissions

Reynolds, IN – (July 20, 2021) – OPAL Fuels LLC, the market leader in developing and marketing renewable natural gas (RNG) fuel, today announced an investment in Bio Town Biogas, one of the most environmentally-friendly RNG production facilities in the country. The centerpiece of the project will be a large-scale dairy digester that will produce about 1,000 MMBTUs of fuel per day. Critically, this fuel will be cheaper than diesel and have one of the lowest carbon intensity scores in the industry.

“This project makes it abundantly clear that RNG can save the planet while saving companies money,” said Jon Maurer, Co-CEO of OPAL Fuels LLC. “RNG is a true win-win, as it also supplies a valuable revenue stream for farmers. We are particularly proud to be working with several Indiana beef cattle and dairy farms to achieve the scale to make this project even more impactful. These are farms that have the foresight to understand how being a key RNG supplier would be valuable to their bottom line. The OPAL Fuels team is in the RNG business to lower emissions, lower fuel costs, and help farmers. This project is a major step towards us fulfilling our mission.”

The project will provide the equivalent of 28.5 million gallons of fuel per year with net zero emissions to OPAL Fuels fleet customers – enough fuel to allow roughly 2,400 heavy-duty trucks to achieve carbon neutral emissions in their operations. All told, this project will keep over 43,000 tons of CO2e emissions out of the atmosphere each year, while helping trucking companies save about $5.8 million per year in fuel costs compared to diesel.

The scale of this project empowers the RNG it produces to achieve an ultra-low carbon intensity score. The project achieves such scale by not only converting biogas to electricity from cattle manure at the project’s host site, but by also trucking in manure from local dairy farms to convert to RNG. OPAL Fuels then distributes the fuel through its network of over 140 service stations, which together operate as TruStar Energy.

Dairy farms interested in working with OPAL Fuels LLC should reach out to [email protected]. About OPAL Fuels LLC OPAL Fuels LLC, a Fortistar portfolio company, is an emerging leader in the production and distribution of renewable natural gas (RNG), a proven low carbon fuel with a decades-long track record of results that has the power to rapidly decarbonize the transportation industry. OPAL Fuels captures harmful methane emissions at the source and recycles the trapped energy into a commercially viable, low-cost alternative to diesel fuel. As a vertically integrated producer and distributor of RNG for heavy-duty truck fleets for over 20 years, OPAL Fuels delivers best-in-class, complete renewable solutions to customers and production partners. To learn more about OPAL Fuels and how it is leading the effort to decarbonize North America’s transportation industry, please visit www.opalfuels.com.

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